Our Vision

‘Ultra-D is the next step in the evolution of digital 3D visual experiences’

The Ultra-D technology will cause a disruptive step in the development of glasses-free 3D digital displays. In effect this step will be as big as the one bringing color to the originally ‘black and white’ television.

Ultra-D will change the way video is viewed and experienced.  This glasses-free 3D technology will be available for all visual communication devices. It is simply a more natural way of perceiving 3D information.

Our Mission

To enable a more natural 3D visual experience by implementing the Ultra-D technology on almost all types of digital display-based devices. Make sure that all video content can benefit from the Ultra-D technology in combination with the Ultra-D format.
The best analogy would be looking through a window into the world.  Ultra-D will ultimately enable the same natural experience.