At SeeCubic

we are convinced that successful market introduction can only be achieved by showing a state of art performance in all important technology pillars:

Optical System

The optical system provides different images to the two eyes of a viewer enabling a comfortable auto-stereoscopic glasses-free viewing experience.

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Ultra-D Format

The Ultra-D format allows content to be generated, distributed and displayed. This enables a complete eco-system of auto-stereoscopic content delivery to the end-user.

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Signal Processing

For compatibility, existing 2D video, stereoscopic 3D video, and computer generated sources, can be converted to the Ultra-D format, both in real-time and off-line.

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By providing solutions in each of these pillars, SeeCubic delivers the technology to create a 3D eco-system.

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The technology can be applied in flat panel displays based products. Ranging from small displays as 4 inch to the largest mass-produced displays of 84 inch TVs.

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