SeeCubic is the subsidiary of Stream TV Networks. It is the research, development and industrialization center based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. SeeCubic develops the hardware and services of the glasses-free 3D display technology called Ultra-D.
Consequently, SeeCubic engages in cooperation with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop end-user products.

Our Goal

The goal of the company is to bring the Ultra-D 3D content to a market and to create an eco-system around it, involving the content production industry. Therefore, the center provides content creation and conversion services for both: 
3D displays without glasses so-called auto-stereoscopic displays and 3D displays with glasses (stereoscopic displays). Software solutions for 3D content creation, conversion and play-out on multiple platforms are offered by SeeCubic too.

Main activities of SeeCubic


Do research and development on digital 3D displays without glasses, which can be applied in many markets, numerous environments and for many different purposes. SeeCubic aims to enable the application of its IP and technology in B2B markets such as digital signage and B2C markets, together with partners, with products like TVs, tablets, PC monitors, laptops, smartphones and more.


Create and market auto-stereoscopic content and enable applications such as games on as many platforms as possible. Also the conversion of legacy 2D and stereoscopic content into auto-stereoscopic equivalents will be a service that the company will provide.

Content conversion & creation

Development of 3D display related software. Content conversion and creation software. Plug-ins, offline and real-time conversion tools. Web-based applications, game adaptations and more.

Convert 2D to 3D

Design, enable and productize devices for real time 2D and stereoscopic conversion into auto-stereoscopic content.


Manufacture, develop processes and products – capacity for batch/ pilot production of the glasses-free Ultra-D displays.