Hans Zuidema

Founder, CTO and General Manager

Hans is the Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of SeeCubic. As its founder and CTO, he is responsible for building the technology part of the company, which includes managing and executing technology development in various fields. Next to that he is responsible for building the operational infrastructure of SeeCubic, starting and running the operation, financial forecasting and HRM.

Hans has a background in material science, manufacturing processes and technologies. He worked on embedded LED’s, OLED’s, Quantum Dots, daylight harvesting glass and traffic management systems using light. He did his PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology on flow induced crystallization of semi-crystalline polymers after he finished his masters of engineering on the engineering aspects of polymer (processing) technology.

Hans was born in The Netherlands, is married and has two daughters.

Walther Roelen

Founder and Technology Strategist

After a long and in depth history (since1979) in interactive computergraphics, interactive visual simulations and also the technology management and development of 3D (autostereoscopic) displays now Walther is Technology Strategist of SeeCubic B.V.

He has a broad interest and experience in the areas of ICT (Managing director of a research institute of the University of Technology Eindhoven), Lighting (associate professor at the TUE) and Technology. He has experience from the areas mentioned above mainly in combination with the behavior of light, comfort and 3D perception.

Leading a group of people active in research and development of innovative technology is Walther’s major drive.