We are SeeCubic

We do Research, Development and Industrialization on glasses-free 3D digital display technology which is called and trademarked Ultra-D.

This Ultra-D technology is able to create a far more realistic 3D viewing experience than technologies that are based on delivering just stereoscopic images-pairs to the viewer, which is done by most glasses-based 3D technologies.

  • ‘If with media we come up to a communication level, which is closer to reality – communication would be more complete. Recreating reality – this is my dream!’
    Walther Roelen CEO of SeeCubic
  • ‘Color brought a black-and-white TV closer to reality. Ultra-D is changing the way a video is viewed and experienced’
    Raja Rajan COO of Stream TV Networks
  • ‘Ultra-D is the next evolution in viewing displays. It is a lot more than just 3D. We wanted to come up with the name, which would be one step beyond 3D.'
    Mathu Rajan CEO of Stream TV Networts
  • ‘There’s something that 3D gives to the picture that takes you into another land and you stay there and it’s good place to be…’
    Martin Scorcese